Are You Looking For A Franchise Opportunity?

The process at JAN-PRO commercial cleaning services Western NY is designed to provide quality service in various industries and budgets consistently. It focuses on measurement, quality, and technology to ensure that customers are delighted with the results. Whether you have a small business or a large corporate complex, the JAN-PRO process employs the same trustworthy owner-operators.

Franchise opportunities

If you’ve been looking for a franchise opportunity in the commercial cleaning industry, you’ve come to the right place. The JAN-PRO Cleaning and Disinfecting franchise offer recurring service, proven methods, and innovative technology. As a result, you can enjoy the independence of your business and the support of an award-winning franchise team.

Franchise owners will earn a percentage of all sales of Jan-Pro cleaning services in their territory. These franchises are sold by regional master franchisees, who advertise Jan-Pro commercial cleaning services to local businesses. These unit franchisees are not usually directly involved in performing the cleaning services, but they may solicit their accounts.

The franchise costs $30,000 and offers financial freedom and flexibility. Start your cleaning service with the country’s #1 commercial cleaning franchise. JAN-PRO is a well-known national brand with a strong reputation for quality cleaning and customer service standards. In addition, franchise owners will receive support and training to help them grow and succeed in their businesses.

Financial assistance

If you need cleaning for your business, JAN-PRO commercial cleaning services Western NY may be able to help. The company’s programs are tailored to the unique sanitation needs of different industries. For instance, medical offices require different cleaning systems and products than other businesses.

Business plan software

JAN-PRO commercial cleaning services business plan software helps you create a detailed business plan with accurate estimates and marketing materials. The software also has a marketing follow-up program and includes a marketing flyer. The software is easy to use and includes several modules for cleaning proposals. It also helps you set prices based on the number of square feet of the property and other variables. The program also includes a QC inspection program and financial planning spreadsheets. The software also helps you tweak your projected costs to ensure you are charging the correct amount of profit.

With Jan-PRO, you can quickly estimate prices based on the number of customers you have and how often they need cleaning services. The software will automatically calculate costs based on customer information, including the amount of work involved in each cleaning and the frequency of cleaning. It will also determine a cleaning difficulty factor based on an initial survey of the building. In addition, the software uses seven different variables to calculate the price for a particular service, which will help you accurately estimate your costs.

Job description

As a JAN-PRO franchise owner, you will have access to an award-winning team and reliable cleaning solutions. In addition, as part of the JAN-PRO network, you will be trained by a regional master franchisee and receive mentoring to help you grow your business. The franchise is an opportunity for individuals without prior business experience to build a successful business and provide a better life for themselves and their families.

In addition to a great salary, you can also expect to receive excellent benefits. You’ll be covered by medical insurance and company-provided cell phones. Jan-Pro also offers a car allowance, along with several other benefits. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to do additional duties as assigned.

As a Jan-Pro franchisee, you’ll be part of a team of motivated individuals dedicated to providing excellent customer service. You’ll be responsible for meeting the standards set by the company. Jan-Pro requires its master franchisees to sell a minimum number of units. Each franchise earns a percentage of the revenue from cleaning services for Jan-Pro.