Becoming a digital marketing expert in Singapore: Top 5 tips!

Singapore offers incredible opportunities for digital marketing experts. Almost every other brand has online presence, and even the smallest companies spend on hiring agencies. In other words, digital marketing jobs Singapore are increasing every year. You can expect to earn around $70,000 or more annually as you gain exposure. We have five tips for becoming a digital marketing expert in Singapore.

  1. Refine your skills. Sign up with agencies as an intern, join one of the traditional courses, or take up online training – figure out the best ways to refine your skills.
  2. Stay updated. As a digital marketing enthusiast, you are expected to be updated on industry news and must be ready to learn on the job.
  3. Create digital presence. If you don’t have a professional LinkedIn profile, do it now and ensure that you have a good online presence overall.
  4. Keep an eye on internship roles. If you don’t want to study from scratch, or would want to gain practical exposure, look for internship roles.
  5. Networking helps. Yes, knowing people within the industry and being a part of workshops, conferences and other events can help your career.

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