Commercial Fencing and Gates 101

Chain-link fences

Chain-link fences and gates are available in various gauges, colors, and heights. In addition, the material is available in both galvanized and coated versions. Commercial chain link fences typically feature heavier-duty post-construction. In addition, they are available in standard sizes and custom sizes.

Chain-link fences have a frame made of steel tubing posts that form a structure for the steel mesh fabric. These posts are set into the ground and covered with concrete, which secures the mesh fabric.

Chain-link fences are durable, attractive, and affordable. The galvanized metal makes them more rust-resistant and provides excellent security. However, polymer and PVC coatings are becoming more common, beautiful, and weather-resistant.

Aluminum fences

Whether you are looking for commercial fencing and gates, you can find aluminum fences and gates that fit your needs. Aluminum fences come in many widths and are available with many entrances and accessories. You can even order heavy-duty gates if you’re looking for a strong gate.

Installation is not complicated, but you will need plenty of muscle and energy. It’s best to hire a professional to install your fence, but it is not impossible. You must have a basic set of hand tools and do a little planning beforehand. Once installed, aluminum fences are durable and will last up to 30 years with proper care. Ensure that you clean and maintain the fence regularly. If you don’t, you could spend more than you had expected.

Vinyl fences

Commercial vinyl fences and gates are an excellent choice for various reasons:

  1. They help improve the view from your building. They are opaque and can be ordered at the correct height to block unwanted thoughts.
  2. They can help reduce noise pollution.
  3. They act as a sound buffer, which is particularly helpful if you have many windows or outdoor patios.

Vinyl fences are highly resistant to damage caused by the elements. They can be cleaned with a hose, and no special maintenance is required. However, if graffiti or paint has been applied, you can remove the stain using a pressure washer. Additionally, vinyl can be made with solid panels, making them unsuitable for climbing. In addition, vinyl fences are not painted or stained, so pets cannot chew them.

Wood fences

Wood commercial fencing and gates are an excellent choice due to their structural and aesthetic appeal. In addition, they are a low-maintenance option and are highly effective at keeping out unauthorized parties. However, they can be susceptible to early deterioration, so they should be made of high-quality materials.

There are several wood varieties and types. Different types have different advantages and disadvantages, so you should look for a wood that suits your needs. For example, redwood and cedar are excellent choices as they are insect-resistant. However, if you want your wood to last long, consider pressure-treated wood with natural repellent properties.

If you are considering hiring a company to install your wood fences, you should research them first. Choosing an established company that offers quality artistry and customer service is essential. The company should also have a good track record for repairs and maintenance.

Wooden fences

Wooden fences are typically associated with domestic use but can be used in commercial applications. In many cases, wood can last up to 50 years. Occasionally, they must be treated to prevent rot, bugs, and termites.

When choosing a wooden fence, you can choose from various styles. For example, you can choose from a painted picket fence, a rustic post and rail fence, or solid board and rail fences. It would help if you considered the level of privacy needed when selecting a fence for your commercial property. For instance, a solid wood fence will work best if you want privacy for your customers. Regardless of your choice, make sure the fence is tall enough to prevent trespassers from entering the premises.