Counterfeit Auto Parts – A Worldwide Epidemic

Recent concerns about U.S. port control happen to be concentrating on the chance that American ports will be utilized for a conduit for terrorists to fight America. What many people don’t realize is the fact that no more than 5% of containers dealing with our port system get their contents inspected by government bodies. Which means a complete 95% from the containers never get a visual inspection, although a lot of get digitally scanned. Still, it’s the human eye alone which could identify and see if something inside a container is not quite right. So far as auto parts go, a visible inspection is essential regrettably many fake parts get through. A worldwide epidemic is within progress and contains little related to terrorists and everything related to counterfeit auto parts. Let us check out the counterfeit parts “industry” and the best way to don’t get taken.

Yes, it’s an industry…the counterfeit auto parts “business” that’s. Each year vast amounts of dollars price of fake auto parts are created worldwide and circulated to unsuspecting consumers. In certain countries the issue is completely beyond control leading to injuries, even dying, to motorists as well as their passengers. One of the parts frequently counterfeited are:


Rocker arms


Transmission fluids



Distributor caps



Brake pads

Ac condensers

Shocks and struts

Oxygen sensors

Spark plugs…

…other great tales and so on…

So, how will you place an imitation auto part? A visible inspection from the product is essential. Consider the part and feel it. Whether it appears or looks not the same as the part that it’s replacing, then that is one sure sign that it’s a counterfeit. Additionally, look into the packaging carefully: odd formed or odd fitting packaging, mismatched logos, typos, anything unusual should raise a warning sign for you.

If you think maybe a component is fake contact the store and inform them that you simply suspect they offered a counterfeit part for you. Don’t accuse the store of knowingly doing a problem any decent store will rapidly rectify the problem because it is their status that’s at risk.

No, you cannot guarantee you won’t ever buy a counterfeit auto part, however, you can easily lessen the chances. Only cope with trustworthy retailers so when purchasing online avoid purchasing from overseas suppliers. Auto parts wholesalers although help you save money, but lessen the chance of you getting something which is not genuine. How’s that? Because wholesalers buy everything from the maker. No intermediary to obstruct to raise prices or, potentially, attempt to pass off auto parts as genuine that have been, fake.

The counterfeit auto parts market is booming but that you can do your behalf to reduce its impact. Be familiar with what you’re buying and just get your substitute auto parts from trustworthy dealers who uphold everything they offer.