Finding Somewhere To Store Your Belongings In Bangkok

When you are planning on travelling around a country, the last thing that you want to do is to carry heavy luggage with you, especially if you do not need it all. It is a common problem for many backpackers that are visiting many countries on their trip, meaning they have to carry a variety of different clothes for different climates. One way that you can combat this is to store your baggage when you get there so that you only need to carry what you need, and you can pick your luggage up again before moving on to your next destination. If you are looking to store your belongings in Bangkok while you travel around Thailand, below are some of the options that are open to you.

The Airport

One of the most convenient, but also the most expensive options for storing your luggage, is using the facilities at either of Bangkok airports. You can drop off your luggage as soon as you arrive, or before you set off to somewhere new. The charges are per a bag, per a day, so if yu are storing them for a long time, it can work out to be an expensive option.

Talk To A Storage Company

When it comes to locker rental, Bangkok has many self-storage companies where you can store your property securely as you travel around the country. The prices do vary for this service, but similar to the airport, it will be a daily charge per item. You will want to shop around the various companies, and you can get the prices of each before you arrive, making it simple once you get to Bangkok to store your possessions.

Speak To Your Hotel

Another option that is easy to arrange and may suit your needs when travelling in Thailand is speaking to your hotel. Most hotels in Bangkok, and indeed the rest of the country, will have a storage facility for guest’s luggage. It is usually free to use while you stay at the hotel, but there will be a charge for this if you leave. You may also find a hotel that has a cheaper fee, and if you are paying for the service, you do not need to be a guest of theirs to use their storage facilities.

The Train Station

If you are going to be using the train for your onward travel, then there is also storage facilities at the train station that you may wish to use. Just as with everyone else that offers this service, they will charge per item, per day, so you will need to work out how long you need to store your bags to get an exact cost. It is also essential to keep in mind that if you are late returning to collect your possessions, there will be a charge, and if you leave it too long, you may lose them.