Helping an Elderly Parent Stay Independent

With people living longer, there will be a lot of tough decisions in future for people with older parents. Many elderly people want to still live in their homes, as they are cosy and familiar, but most properties will need adjustments. Here’s how you can help elderly relatives stay in the home they love for longer.

Make simple adjustments

As your relative gets older, there are more potential dangers around the home, so you’ll need to make small adjustments such as:

  • Adding a rail or seat to their bath or shower
  • Providing kitchen equipment designed to accommodate difficulties and disabilities
  • Using an adjustable chair that people can easily get in and out of
  • Ensuring they have a way to summon help if anything goes wrong

There are lots of small, inexpensive gadgets that can help elderly people and avoid some of the most common accidents.

Add a stairlift

One of the biggest barriers that older people face to staying in their home is the stairs. But there’s no reason they need to downsize to a bungalow once they start to struggle. Speak to stairlift suppliers Milton Keynes to discuss having a stairlift fitted. Even small, narrow stairways can have a stairlift fitted, as there are compact models designed for awkward spaces.

It can be worrying when elderly people want to live alone, as there are so many dangers around. Luckily, there are plenty of solutions to help them live independently, so they can enjoy familiar surroundings and don’t have to go through the stress of a move.