How to Understand the Three Kinds of Dating

Dating is that stage of romantic encounters practiced in most Western societies especially during the time of courtship where two persons interact socially with the intention of each evaluating the other’s compatibility as a potential mate in a possible future romantic union. It is an age-old practice that has witnessed both success and failure in almost all societies around the world, with the exception of those that practice arranged marriage and, in those cases, divorce is resorted to. In other societies, the act of dating is considered taboo but, in some instances, it has been the practice of choice in some cultures such as that of the Western world.

Dating has a number of different connotations that range from being an innocent phase of one’s life to being the ultimate commitment of a long-term relationship that may span decades or even centuries. Dating has long been associated with young people and the concepts of flirting and being flirtatious are not uncommon in this regard. However, what is unusual is the prevalence of certain types of behavior that are considered to be a part of the definition of dating. For instance, many people consider pre-marital sex to be a violation of the sanctity of marriage and some would argue that it is a sexual activity between a man and a woman outside of their union that cannot be equated with true love.

The debate as to whether pre-marital sex is wrong or not has been ongoing since ages and continues to rage. On the one hand, some would argue that true love and commitment do not begin or end with sexual relations and that true love and commitment begin with a person’s actions and these are explored in their own way and according to their own desires without any outside influence. However, there are also other individuals who would tend to disagree and point out that true love begins with closeness and that without this there can be no true connection or understanding between the partners. Hence, the debate rages on. Sexual health is an important function of any long term relationship, and for those who may face ED or PE, these men can consult the male health clinic at for a consultation of the root causes of their dysfunction.

In the meantime, there exists a class of dating that is considered acceptable by all but disregarded or rejected by others. This category is known as “hanging out”. In this type of dating, the two people remain friends but engage in an act of casual dating whereby they hang out with each other and spend some time together. Such a casual dating, however, is frowned upon by many as it might be interpreted to be a form of flirting and therefore, it should not be practiced by those who wish to develop serious relationships with their partners. This is because flirting is an art and, therefore, it should only be practiced by those who have a great deal of experience in it or by those who have mastered it through trial and error. Otherwise, this could become a dangerous indulgence that leads to heartbreak and ruined relationships.

The third kind of dating that has gained popularity over the years is what is commonly known as “viral” dating. This is where two people become so in tune with each other that they spend time thinking of or talking about each other non-stop. This type of dating involves more than just the physical attraction aspect of dating; it also includes aspects such as the shared interests and hobbies. However, people who fall into this category are usually committed to becoming best friends and will go out of their way to make sure that they do not spend too much time apart from each other.

Lastly, there is what is called “special friend dating”. This kind of dating involves hanging out with a certain person for a specific occasion (like a birthday or a holiday) or for a longer period of time (as in a few weeks). In general, this type of dating is between friends but in some cases, a special acquaintance might develop a romantic relationship with another person solely based on their shared experience with that person. This is quite different from traditional dating because it involves a greater level of emotional investment between the parties. In order to ensure that you enjoy your dating experiences, you need to know the difference between these three kinds of dating.