Infrastructure Projects And Their Management

Infrastructure is any service that is needed for living or survival. The projects under infrastructure can be broadly considered as economic, business, and technological. Another way to view infrastructure can be as hard and soft infrastructure. You will come to know about both these categories of infrastructure projects further below.

Soft And Hard Infrastructure

Soft infrastructure comprises all the organizations involved in taking care of the social, economic, health, environmental, and cultural sections of a country. It could comprise official statistics, educational schemes, law enforcement organizations, emergency services, and recreational activities.

Hard infrastructure, on the other hand, refers to the physical structures that are necessary for living. It can be highways, railways, telecommunication, etc.

Infrastructure Project Management

With broad three categories of infrastructure, you also need project managers to look after these infrastructures. Since an expert in one field is less likely to manage another field, a project manager of the technological sector won’t manage the economic or business infrastructure. Likewise, even in the subcategories of economic infrastructure, the one who is an expert in managing the road construction project won’t take up the railways’ project. The advantages of managing any infrastructure project are

  • Better planning due to the lessons learned from past experiences
  • A wider understanding of the technical parts of any project 

Apart from the above benefits of managing any infrastructural project, a project manager can also better problem-solving due to experiences.