Popular Cosmetic Procedure to Get Glowing Skin – Microneedling Followed By PRP

Due to sun exposure, aging and usage of certain beauty products our skin develops acne, hyperpigmentaion, wrinkles, fine lines etc. Microneedling and PRP procedures have been suggested to treat these skin conditions for years. Microneedling effectively helped to minimize signs of aging while PRP injection helped to treat redness and swelling post microneedling.

Combining PRP and microneedling:

The latest technique followed by dermatologists is to combine microneedling with PRP to deliver more effective and long-lasting effects. If you want to get rid of the skin issues mentioned above, talk to a reputable specialist about its effectiveness for your skin condition. Visit Adam and Eve Medical Aesthetics Centre at Scottsdale for the best services.

They are the top-choice for aesthetic solutions because of their experience and advanced technologies used. They employ non-invasive methods to deliver natural-looking results. Schedule an appointment with them to know more about their customized treatment plan.

What do expect during the procedure:

Initial preparation:

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure from few weeks leading to the treatment
  • Stay hydrated
  • Drop in with clean face sans make up on the day of procedure:

Procedure involved:

Microneedling is the process of indirectly boosting collagen production in the skin by puncturing the skin using fine needles. Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) injection involves injecting the client’s plasma onto their skin to accelerate healing. The updated treatment is about using the healing nature of platelets to address skin concerns.

The steps of the procedure include:

  • The specialist cleanses the patient’s face and applies a topical anesthetic
  • He/ she draws blood usually from your arm and places it into a centrifuge that singles out PRP from other blood components
  • Fine needles are used to make tiny holes on your skin so that the PRP solution can penetrate into your skin
  • The PRP solution is massaged into the site of treatment

You may feel minimal discomfort during the procedure. The sensation may feel like a dry brush rubbing against your skin. The duration of the procedure is 30 minutes. There may be minor skin irritation and redness for hours after the procedure. Until your skin is healed, it is better to avoid taking part in rigorous activities since sweat worsens skin irritation.

The results would be quite evident after your first session. Most people require 3 sessions for best results. Follow your doctor’s instructions and keep up with the maintenance sessions for the best results.