Some Of The Stranger Vape Juice Flavours You Can Get

Many smokers are attracted to vaping because of the vast array of flavours of e-liquids available, and there is something suitable for all tastes and it helps them stop smoking. However, there are also some strange flavours and combinations that you can get, which you may never have thought of vaping before. Some people create outlandish vape juice flavours to try vaping that may or may not get your tastebuds salivating. Below are some of the strangest vape juice flavours you can get that you may or may not want to try vaping yourself.

Garlic Flavour E-Liquid

Many people like the taste of garlic, and it is a common ingredient found in many dishes worldwide. However, someone who likes garlic so much decided to make a garlic flavour vape juice, and you can buy e-liquid in this flavour from several companies. The smell of garlic vape juice is overpowering for many people, which is enough to put them off trying it, but some people love the smell and taste.

Bacon Flavour E-Liquid

Bacon is another food loved by many people, but it may not be the flavour you want in your vaping device. Although it may sound like an excellent flavour to try vaping, many people who have tried it said they regret doing it. The overall smell and taste of the bacon flavour e-liquid are not very pleasant, and many people have said their vaping device still smells of it no matter how many times they clean it. Most people who have left reviews for this flavour online have all said it is not something they would try again, so try it at your own risk.

Tuna Flavour E-Liquid

Seafood is something that many people like, and some love it so much they thought they would make a tuna flavour e-liquid. The online reviews you can find for this flavour profile say that the smell when you open the bottle is not too bad or overpowering. However, even though there is a taste of tuna when you vape this e-liquid, it is underwhelming and is not something most people want to try again.

Wasabi Flavour E-Liquid

Eating at your local Japanese restaurant, you will most likely come across wasabi, a spicy paste made using Japanese horseradish. It has a strong and full flavour that many people have trouble handling, but someone decided to turn this flavour into an e-liquid. It is hard to tell what this vape juice is like as nobody has left a review for it online, so we will have to keep wondering about it unless you want to try and leave a review for the rest of us.

Butter Flavour E-Liquid

Another strange e-liquid flavour you can try is butter, and a few companies offer this flavour profile to their customers. However, reading the online reviews, butter is not the most popular flavour for those who try it. Many reviewers have said although it smells like butter, it also smells like it is mixed with something dirty and is not appealing. Unfortunately, it does not get better when you try vaping it, and it is said to leave a dry and bitter taste in your mouth.