Testing The DNA Of The Flames With Flammability Testing

The forensics department consists of scientists and laboratory assistants generally dealing with analyzing the crime scene and the dead bodies. What we see in the movies and on Tv is only a part of forensic research. They are usually shown doing DNA or fingerprint tests to figure out the identity of the deceased.

But this isn’t the whole picture. The umbrella of forensics consists of many other types of research and developments that are not completely known to the outer world.

Hidden Jobs

One such task performed by the forensic scientists is the fire and flammability tests. The department is called upon to analyze the scene or the accident’s location before the testing and analysis of lab samples. Apart from just sitting in the labs and doing the tests and research on the procured representatives from the crime and police department, forensic sciences professionals are also required to visit the location for minute analysis. Often accident cases are related to the widespread or sudden burst of fire, and the flammability testing of the remnants helps reach an appropriate conclusion for its cause.

Legal guidelines are devised to conduct the fire tests at the crime scenes to justify if the fire was accidental or intentional. The cause and the duration of the flames and their rate of destruction can also be calculated. The first step of the investigation in such accidental scenes is always the fire testing. Since the police team and the extinguishers are supposed to go inside for research, the location is first tested for the possible remains of fire-prone materials. The units are further provided with uniforms and shields to protect themselves against any further damage.

According to the persisting flames, temperature, and the surroundings, the possible emissions or the immediate eruptions can also be pre-warned. The forensic department has a separate fire investigating team specialized in the field of testing and locational analysis. They also contact the witnesses and the victims for extra information. Testing the samples from the victims can also be helping a lot of times to get to the catch of the flames.

Debris investigation and further excavation help to get to the seat and the origin of the destruction. The reports of the fire testing can be used to improve the standards in future constructions and measures. For every discovery or analysis, guidelines and rules are regularly formulated to improve the precautionary measures and to manufacture suitable materials to avoid such accidents in the future.