Tips for Avoiding Frequent Refrigerator Repairs

Your refrigerator is a very important appliance at home and hence it is necessary that you must take a very good care of this appliance, so that you can avoid frequent repairs. More repair will not only cost you more but also reduce the life of your refrigerator.

If you have a refrigerator or in French a refrigerateur LFXS28566S, then following are few of the regular maintenance activities that you can always do at home without calling any HVAC professional.

  • Clean the condenser coil of refrigerator

By regularly cleaning the condenser coil, you can avoid 70 per cent of the refrigerant repair. You must spend at least 5 minutes in cleaning these coils which is usually located at the back of your refrigerator.

You must do this cleaning at least twice in a year and more, if you have a pet in your house.

  • Clean refrigerator condenser fan

Usually, these coils in most of the fridge is located at the bottom which is meant for circulating cool air all throughout your refrigerator. You must spend at least 5 minutes to clean these coils and remove all the dust present around it.

In certain models, it may be located at the back too, so you may check from the manual to find its location.

  • Wipe down your refrigerator door gasket

It is necessary to ensure that your gaskets are properly placed and they are clean enough. Often due to moisture, it may catch mold or mildew which will be dangerous for your food that you store inside the fridge.

Make sure that they are properly placed so that there is not leakage, otherwise your energy bill may increase.

  • Clear your freezer vents

There are little vents present in frost-free fridges meant for air circulation in the freezer. Make sure that you should not block them or allow crumbs to get sucked around evaporator fan or it clogs the drain tube. You will need at least 5 minutes to clean it.

  • Set temperature controls of refrigerator to its middle settings

Never keep the temperature setting to either of the extremes to avoid over or under use of compressor. You may have to change the settings during summer and winter slightly.

  • Clean and clear the drip openings

Find out its location by checking the manual of your fridge. You must time to time check whether it is clogged and clean it if necessary.