Tips to Remember when Customizing your Packaging Designs

Customizing your packaging design involves a well-thought-out process to guarantee the right outcome. Following a proven process will help you avoid unnecessary headaches. Also, you will experience a packaging design that meets or exceeds your expectations. Below are the steps involves in customizing your packaging design:

Choose a Supplier

Assess the work of a possible supplier by asking for actual project samples. Take your time learning how they solved customers’ challenges and now the benefits the customers experienced. Also, ask to meet both the designer and packaging expert who will manage the project for. This is quite possible if you consider investing in Belley box packaging. Belley has in-house tools that will help in facilitating a speedy and efficient design process.

Moreover, when picking a supplier, ensure if they can design with an deliver an entire range of packaging materials. Some suppliers are only limited to corrugated solutions or chipboard designs.

Understand the Needs of your Stakeholders

Ask yourself the reason for the design project in the first place. For instance, are redesigning existing packaging? If so, determine why you are changing the current design. Sharing more information with your packaging design team stakeholders will increase the chances of getting a better design. Your marketing team might ask specific a particular package style or graphics processes or have an image they wish to replicate.

In addition, you should also keep in mind that if the packaging design adds a new SKU to an existing line, you must check if other products can be considered as a part of the design to consolidate.

Ensure Constant and Effective Communication

Effective communication is important from the initial design concept to the implementation. Although some designs just require minimal initial adjustments, others are likely to require many revisions. You must gain sufficient feedback from the supplier and stakeholders during this stage. Also, effective communication includes the use of digital renderings that help in visualizing proposed changes. This way, it will be easier and faster to collaborate on require design changes.

Produce a Prototype and Test

With prototyping, you can visualize design concepts early on. Also, it offers the chance to examine how your content will fit the packaging design. Great packaging design undergoes preliminary testing for structural integrity. The best designer will perform dynamic and static testing that simulates handling, together with drop tests before your team gets designs for review. Additionally, an in-house digital press will let your supplier make samples for different needs.