Vital factors to offer in your web application

A web application is nothing but an application similar to mobile apps that will work using the internet. A web app development agency in Singapore can deliver the service of developing such an app according to your requirements. However, it is important to ask for the necessary factors or features while providing your requirements to a development agency. Some of these factors are as follows.

Mobile-friendliness – If you look at your audiences, about 70% will be using mobile. So, your app should work perfectly on mobiles.

Live chat – Whenever your customer is doubting a process, you should let them ask using the live chat system to get on-spot responses.

Online payments – The customers should not struggle during their payment sessions and there should be a range of options.

SEO – You should make sure that your web app ranks at the top of the SERP for several keywords.

Security – You should encrypt the vital details provided by your customers from hackers using an SSL certificate.

Web notifications – This feature will send notifications to your customers wherever they are and whatever they do.

Social media integration – Your customers can access the web app through their social media profiles.