What Teen Patti Variations Can You Play At Your Next Party

The upcoming holiday of Christmas only has one meaning for players of card games: Teen Patti! Games of Teen Patti are among the most popular card games in India. The game, which has its roots in the Indian subcontinent and is popular in South Asian nations, has now made it to the realm of online casinos. Teen Patti is a common festival or social gathering song in India. The variety of Teen Patti versions is what makes this card game special. The variations listed here are some of the greatest you can try to spice up your game, whether you are playing online or at a physical casino.


In-Out is a variant of Teenpatti in which each player receives three cards and places three jokers on the board. The gamers will select whether they are in (playing still) or out (leaving the game) in turn (folding). The joker cards on the table are replaced by the player’s cards when he folds. The showdown, whose victor takes the final spot, occurs after the players have decided who is in and out. The winner receives a share of the pot from each player he has defeated.

Joker Hunter

The dealer deals each player three cards in the joker hunter variant before dealing out twice as many cards as there are players plus three. As a result, there will be 15 cards in a game with six players because 62+3=15. It is now up to the players to take turns discarding one of their cards and taking one off the table. However, if a player chooses not to select a card or trade it, they must flip one of the cards on the table over. The three cards remaining on the table after that will serve as the players’ jokers during the game.

Rotating joker

Each player receives three cards, two of which are face down and one of which is face up, in the rotating joker version of 3 Patti. Until the player leaves the game, their joker is the card facing up. Once they fold, it becomes the joker for all players still in the game. When a player folds, the other players use their face-up card as the joker.

Folding jokers

Each player receives three face-down cards in the folding joker variation, and a fourth card is held on the side and dealt face-down. One card from each player’s three hands is laid face up on the table. Now, each participant will utilize one of these cards as a joker. When a player folds, the fourth card, which was previously face down, is turned face up and begins to play as a joker in place of the card that the player has already folded.

Lowest Joker

The lowest card in a player’s hand turns into a joker in the 3Patti variation when the lowest card is used. Both cards will be regarded as jokers, increasing your chances of winning if the lowest-ranking cards are found in pairs with the same value.

Teen Patti 4x Boot

The sole difference between the Teen Patti 4x Boot and other Teen Patti games is that the boot amount or the minimum amount is four times what it is in a regular Teen Patti Game. It indicates that there are very large stakes involved and a great chance of success.