Why Rely on In-Office Teeth Whitening Instead of Over-the-Counter Products

Every person has tooth discolouration to some extent. However, advancements in dentistry let you restore your teeth’s white look with in-office teeth whitening. This is one of the services available at a Dentisterie familiale clinic.

Should you Get Teeth Whitening Services from your Dentist?

Over time, your teeth naturally experience discoloration, but you may also make some choices in life that can cause your teeth to discolour quicker like drinking coffee and smoking. When your teeth become yellow or darken, your teeth can look older than they actually are. And this will make you lose some confidence in your smile. Fortunately, your cosmetic dentist will help you smile beautifully again by whitening your teeth using whitening gel and light.

What is In-Office Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is a non-invasive procedure used for brightening teeth. Although there are a lot of home whitening products you can buy on the market, they may not effectively whiten your teeth. There are different forms of home whitening products including toothpaste, rinses, and strips; however, they may not produce effective and lasting results. This is the reason a lot of people opt for in-office teeth whitening. Your family dentist will ensure you don’t waste your money on ineffective whitening solutions.

Benefits of In-Office Teeth Whitening

Professional tooth whitening offers the following benefits:

  • Thorough whitening. Stained teeth can be caused by either extrinsic or intrinsic staining. Extrinsic staining happens in the teeth’s enamel while intrinsic staining occurs within. Extrinsic staining can be dealt with by using over-the-counter products while intrinsic staining requires professional treatment.
  • Professional teeth whitening involves fabricating personalised trays for your treatment, ensuring they fit in the mouth perfectly, preventing discomfort and irritation. When a dentist completes your treatment, you can be sure the best practices are being used. You can achieve optimal results without compromising on your comfort or dental health.
  • Quicker results. While over-the-counter whitening products can show results, it can usually take weeks or months to see anything. But, professional whitening lets you experience 4-9 shades of brightening in just one appointment.
  • Over-the-counter teeth whitening kits can cause irritation and damage to the gums. This is something you cannot expect from professional teeth whitening.
  • Longevity. Professional teeth whitening lasts longer than over-the-counter teeth whitening products. Every treatment is customised to match your mouth’s shape and the results can last for many years as long as you maintain good oral hygiene.